Mark Saren, LPC

I help people who seek to increase awareness, strengths, intelligence (IQ and EQ), resiliency, create empowering processes and solutions leading to meaningful life engagement, and improving quality of life. I have worked with all ages, backgrounds and issues, individuals, couples and families. I have found the best predictor of effective therapy is how well the client connects with the therapist. I am open to working with all people, cultures and concerns.

I offer an eclectic approach with a significant focus on humanistic, empowerment, positive psychology, experiential, solution-focus, relational, holistic, polyvagal, trauma, EMDR, integration, mindfulness CBT/DBT, and art therapy. I will use a variety of interventions depending on what the client is receptive to and effective.

I believe that anyone who chooses to live an empowered life can optimize their reality of health and happiness. My nature is one of genuineness, truth, and unconditional compassion while helping you live a meaningful and happy life. I am multicultural, open-minded, adaptable, and enjoy working with a variety of clients.