Nick Revilla, PC Associate

Life can prove challenging when there are so many obstacles facing us to simply reach fulfillment. I take a collaborative approach to counseling in which you and I can explore these obstacles and find personalized ways to overcome them and reach your most fulfilling life. I believe every person is unique and no one treatment will work for all. I work with you to figure out the unique things you need and how to make those things happen!

I work with anxiety, depression, life changes and identity issues by providing a welcoming and non judgmental space for all to process past and present situations that may prevent progress and growth towards fulfillment. I practice using person centered, emotion focused therapy, solution focused therapy, and mindfulness principles to help those who work with me find their way out of the muck and into their life.

By simply being here, you have taken the hardest and most important step towards changing your life! Thank you for trusting me to help on your journey and I look forward to meeting, knowing, and growing with you!